Line Marking For Your Carpark – Top 3 Considerations

Line Marking for Disabled & Motorcycle Bays

What are the Benefits of good quality precise line marking in your carpark?

It is common that the practical benefits and costs of carpark line marking can be overlooked in the initial stages of refurbishment or reinstatement of your asphalt carpark. Line marking is a very important part of any modern-day carpark. Good car park line marking plays a crucial role in ensuring safety, organization, and efficiency in parking areas. Some of the Benefits include:

Traffic Flow Line Marking with Arrows by Linemarking and Signs WAParking efficiency through effective space usage and traffic flow:
  • Precise line marking can maximise your available space by ensuring that cars are parked in the most organised manner and enhance traffic flow by ensuring smooth movement of vehicles in the carpark thus preventing congestion.
  • Lines and arrows serve as visual guides and lettering and symbols communicate special areas such as loading zones and no parking areas.
Pedestrian Line Marking & Symbols by Linemarking and Signs WAIncreased pedestrian safety and reduced accidents:
  • Clear markings guide vehicles and minimise accidents and confusion whilst maximising pedestrian safety.
  • Durable line marking materials ensure that the lines and markings remain clearly visible day and night and for many months or years. Pedestrian zones benefit from anti slip materials reducing the risks of injury from accidents.
What paint do line markers typically use and how long does it take to dry?

There are several options available when it comes to line marking paint. These are the two that line marking companies favour:

Disabled Bay Line Marking by Linemarking and Signs WAWater-Based Acrylic Paint
  • Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, including parking lots, warehouses, and sports courts.
  • Drying Time: Drying time under optimal conditions can be as quick as 10 minutes. Full curing can take 24 to 48 hours.
Thermoplastic Line Marking 15KPH by Line Marking and Signs WAThermoplastic Paint
  • Usage: Highly durable and used on roads, highways, and high-traffic areas.
  • Application: Applied in a molten state and dries quickly upon cooling.
  • Drying Time: Generally, the surface is ready for traffic within minutes after application.
How should you prepare your surface prior to line marking?

Preparing the surface before line marking is crucial to ensure proper adhesion of the paint and the longevity of the markings.

Asphalt and Concrete Surfaces (Roads, Parking Lots, etc.)

Here are the steps to follow for preparing asphalt and concrete surfaces for line marking.

Clean the Surface
  • Remove all dirt, debris, oil, grease, and loose materials from the surface. This can be done using a power washer, broom, or blower.
  • For oil and grease stains, use a degreaser or cleaner specifically designed for asphalt or concrete.
Repair Cracks and Holes
  • Fill any cracks or potholes with a suitable asphalt or concrete patching compound.
Remove Old Markings
  • If there are existing markings, they should be removed or covered to prevent bleeding through the new paint.
  • Use a grinder, sandblaster, or black out to eliminate old markings.
Allow Surface to Dry
  • The surface must be completely dry before applying line marking paint. This usually requires at least 24 hours of dry weather.


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