About Us

Welcome to Potholes Sydney, where we are highly passionate about delivering exceptional asphalt and bitumen repair services. Our expertise ranges from mending small potholes to completing trenching asphalt repairs for residential, commercial, industrial and government clients. The team at Potholes Sydney is at your service to provide prompt and proficient solutions. Our Sydney operations are powered by a combination of seasoned professionals, innovative repair techniques, and cutting-edge equipment ensuring timely, reliable service delivery.

Why Choose Potholes Sydney

Why Choose Potholes Sydney?

Expert Team

Our highly trained teams excel in modern repair techniques, ensuring your driveways and asphalt surfaces are meticulously restored to prime condition.

Fast Booking and Faster Quotes

We answer the phone fast and we’ll have the quote back to you even faster.  Your time is precious and your clients even more so. We can complete your asphalt repair in a short timeframe, how does today or tomorrow sound?

Exclusive Technology

We leverage technology exclusive to Potholes Sydney to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of our repair services.

Real-Time Updates

Stay informed with real-time SMS or email notifications on job commencement and completion, inclusive of before and after photos for absolute transparency and satisfaction.

Fleet of Repair Vehicles

With a significant fleet of asphalt repair vehicles, we assure swift service and punctual project completion.

Proven Track Record

Our illustrious history of satisfied customers has established us as a trusted name in the Australian asphalt repair industry.

Value for Money

Experience effective and affordable quality repairs, ensuring outstanding value for your money.

Our Journey in Sydney

Born from a desire to provide high-quality asphalt repair at a market-leading price, Potholes Sydney was established with a vision to create safer and smoother car parks and roads for the community. From humble beginnings in the West, our growth has been phenomenal, marking significant milestones and forming collaborative relationships with commercial clients, builders, service providers, local governments, and various entities to maintain local car parks, roads and footpaths to the highest standards.

Community Involvement

At Potholes Sydney, we are committed to community development projects, ensuring safer roads and actively contributing to the local economy. Our services go beyond mere repairs; they are an investment in community safety and convenience.

Certifications and Accreditations

Our certifications and accreditations stand as a testament to our adherence to industry standards, ensuring we provide top-quality, reliable asphalt and bitumen repair services.


We take pride in the positive feedback from our satisfied customers. Their testimonials reflect our dedication to delivering unmatched asphalt repair services in Sydney. Every day is a school day and we appreciate all feedback to continue to improve our services to you.

Esperance Wildflower

Our Indigenous Heritage

After a decade working in Asphalt, our Director who is a proud Wirlomin Wadjuk Noongar, chose to focus on repairs and sustainability within the industry.

Established in 2023 Potholes Sydney is now a female owned company providing employment opportunities for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous working women and men around Australia.

Member of the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council from district Wagyl Kaip which is known along the Western Australia Southern Coast between Bremer Bay and Esperance and inland to Ravensthorpe.

She is a direct Apical Ancestor of Wunyeran and lovingly remembers her Grandmother’s Binian Winnery Mason and Harriet Mason Coleman.