Asphalt Trench Repair / Concrete Edge Repair – Lilyfield

Today we completed a 6.5m long asphalt trench repair / concrete edge repair against a newly installed concrete driveway in Piper Street, Lilyfield.

When a new concrete driveway is installed, there is generally a gap left between the existing road asphalt and the new concrete that needs to be filled in.

To rectify this gap, we cut a trench along the new concrete and remove the old asphalt to give it a uniform shape before installing the new asphalt. By doing this it improves the transition from the road to the new driveway and ensures the look of the streetscape is maintained.

Thanks to our technician Lewis for a job well done and thank you very much to Grava Constructions for engaging us to do the work.

If you are planning install a new concrete driveway to your existing home or to a new build or you already have had one installed and need to repair the road edge, contact us today and we will provide you with no obligation free advice and a quote. We may be able to save you a lot of time and money.

Quick fact / Did you know?

Asphalt is coloured black because of the bitumen that is added as the binder in the asphalt when it is manufactured to hold all the elements of asphalt together. Bitumen is a petroleum substance with a low viscosity (more firm, less liquid), that is usually black in colour.

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